The Final Step of the Hiring Process

The Final Face to Face Interview

The Final Step of the Hiring Process

The Final Face to Face Interview

The Final Interview

The interview process is your final step in the postal hiring process. Typically, only the highest scorers on the exam are invited to the interview.

When you receive your invitation to the interview should be prepared to offer the interviewer examples displaying organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to work well with little or no supervision.

It’s important that you prepare for the interview with the USPS as diligently as you would prepare for a job interview in the private sector. This is your final opportunity to sell yourself. This is the time to convince the USPS hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job.

  • Our Program provides you with interview tips and techniques that will help you with:
  • An understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the position (s) available,
  • Questions that are typically asked in the interview and guidance on appropriate responses, and
  • Suggestions on how to emphasize your qualifications and how to improve your ability to sell yourself.
The postal interview

Why Use Career Starters?

Over 80% of all applicants fail to complete the hiring process due to being unprepared. Every applicant handles the stress of a timed exam differently, knowing what to expect is half the battle. The failure rates alone prove the case that preparation will increase your chances of getting hired. Click Start on the Video and listen to what our applicants say about our program.

Are you ready to apply for a Job and do not want assistance?

Applicants who have already registered with the USPS, do not want use Career Starters or who have already taken the postal exam can continue directly to the USPS website by clicking the links below. If you change your mind you are welcome to come back and secure your materials and the level of support you require to get started.

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