The Second Step of the Hiring Process

Search for Available Jobs in Your Area

The Second Step of the Hiring Process

Search for Available Jobs in Your Area

Searching for Civil Service Clerical Jobs

Jobs can be announced together by the respective government agency which posted the clerical positions. Some positions can be announced together. You can view the resources below to learn more about specific job positions and get more information about each job position available.

Step 1: Obtain an official announcement and application form from the federal government.

Step: 2: Complete the form as instructed in the announcement and send it back to the address printed on the application or announcement.

Step 3: Take the exam. Many employers send instructions by mail or email on where to you will be taking the civil service exam. The instructions will list the time, materials needed, and location of the exam.


Step Three: Take the Civil Service Exam

Taking the Civil Service Exam is the most important part of the hiring process. A passing score is 80, but in order to receive an invitation to the interview you will need to score in the high 80’s to 90’s. The exam consists of two main sections: Verbal & Clerical Abilities. There are also specialty test that can be taken at local facilities, depending on the career you choose.

Step Four: Prepare for the Interview

The names and applications of the highest-ranking candidates are referred to the selecting official. Applicants who are selected may or may not receive an interview. It is important to record an high score on the exam in order to be selected for an interview.


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