Third Step of the Hiring Process

Preparing for the Postal Battery Exams

Third Step of the Hiring Process

Preparing for the Postal Battery Exams

The Postal Exam is broken up into four separate exams, the 473, 474, 475 and 476.

Passing the Postal Exam is a requirement before being considered for employment at the United States Postal Service. There are a number of other Postal Exams for specific positions, but the Postal Battery Exam covers most entry-level positions. Doing well on the exam is important due to they will only invite the top 3 scores of each class to the interview. A passing score is 70, but to receive an invitation you will need to score in the ’80s and ’90s. Applicants who fail or score poorly can retake the exam again in 120 days.

The Postal Battery Exam is given at a designated location usually within 45 miles of your home and is administered on a computer. The postal exam is split into two parts, one is a personal assessment questionnaire, which you would have already taken and the other is the official exam which covers four sections.

First Section: Street Address Recognition

Applicants must be able to recognize and understand the differences between street addresses, post office boxes, city, state and zip codes efficiently. Speed and accuracy are important to pass this section. This section has approximately 60 questions and will need to complete the test in under 11 minutes.

Second Section: Completing Postal Forms

This section covers multiple forms associated with the United States Postal Service.  This section has approximately 30 questions and a time limit of 15 minutes.

Third Section: Coding and Memory

One of the more difficult sections to complete as you must pinpoint delivery routes and match them with addresses.  You will need to complete the exam in less than 6 minutes to answer 36 questions. The memory portion of this section is 7 minutes with 36 questions, you will be required to review street addresses and then match them with the delivery routes associated.

Final Section: Charting and Route Association

The final section of the exam is concentrated around the previous section “Coding and Memory”. You will have to utilize your skills by looking at the maps and routes and then placing mail within the routes by memory.

Step Four: Prepare for the Interview

The final step of the hiring process is the interview. Only the top 3 scores from each testing class receive an invitation for a face to face interview. This section will give you an idea on what to expect at the interview.


Why Use Job Support Services?

Over 80% of all applicants fail to complete the hiring process due to being unprepared. Every applicant handles the stress of a timed exam differently, knowing what to expect is half the battle. The failure rates alone prove the case that preparation will increase your chances of getting hired. Click Start on the Video and listen to what our applicants say about our program.

Are you ready to apply for a Job and do not want assistance?

Applicants who have already registered with the USPS and do not want use Career Starters or who have already taken the postal exam can continue directly to the USPS website by clicking the links below. If you change your mind you are welcome to come back and secure your materials and the level of support you require to get started.

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