Law Enforcement Salaries Scales

Law Enforcement worker salaries topped $100,000+ annually.

Law Enforcement Salaries Scales

Law Enforcement worker salaries topped $100,000+ annually.

Above Average Salaries with Career Advancement.

A career in the Law Enforcement field has multiple unique hiring paths. Job Support Services assists applicants navigate through the hiring process. Take advantage of the assistance we provide and speak with a specialist who will help choose from several entry level positions available in your area.

Law Enforcement agent salaries on average can reach up to $100,000+ when you include the cost of benefits

Career employees receive Retirement Benefits, Employee Health Benefits and Paid Vacations.

How much has the average Full-Time Law Enforcement Agent really earned?   Average Annual Salaries  Average Hourly Pay
Federal Law Enforcement $56,620  $27.22
State Law Enforcement $71, 370  $34.31
Local Law Enforcement $64,380 $30.95
College, University Law Enforcement $54,570 $26.24
Elementary and Secondary School Agent $54,5300 $26.22
U.S. Border Patrol Agent $70,784 $32.19
Corrections Officer $43,550 $21.41

Average salary and wages are estimates and do not include overtime, tenure  or benefits of career employees. Starting Pay could less depend on experience, location, full-time, part-time and career status of each position. You must reach career status to receive full benefits and paid holidays.  

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Law Enforcement Workers, on the Internet at


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