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Our certifications are developed by employers to fit their needs

We measure job seekers based on custom skill templates developed by the employer to ensure they attract the best candidates for the positions they are trying to fill. BeKynd certifications are an entry level peek into this growing industry. Most of the jobs today are entry-level and every employer has their own training once you are hired.


Budtender jobs involve helping dispensary customers choose the best strains of cannabis for their particular needs.

Dispensary Cashier or Receptionist

Cashiers or Receptionists are also frequently responsible for verifying customers’ prescriptions, identification, and eligibility for making purchases.

Security Guard

Security is still a major issue for companies that choose to operate in this industry.

Marijuana or Edibles Packager

Entry-level positions tasked with efficiently packaging cannabis or cannabis-infused products for distribution and sale

Extraction Technician

Marijuana extraction techs generally work under the supervision of a master extractor.

Marijuana Courier

Couriers are responsible for delivering medical marijuana and other products from retailers to their customers

Trimmer, Harvester, or Cultivator

Weed-trimming jobs are probably the most common entry-level opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Dispensary Manager

Experienced store managers can oversee one or multiple locations within medical or retail dispensaries.

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Bekynd is backed by a leader in career certifications ensuring that no matter where you land it is a good fit for both the employer and the job seeker.

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BeKynd specializes in cannabis job certifications. Each certification is part of our employer’s overall education required as an employee. We also offer job placement assistance nationwide and will help you find the right position to match your skills.

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We work with employers across the country in the Cannabis industry. As fast of the industry is growing this knowledge is everything and every employer is different. Bekynd works specifically with them and use cross skill testing to find the best applicants.

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